Envy Productions was founded in 2010 with a mandate to produce live music concerts and events across Canada. To date, we have helped produce over 1000+ shows and program talent for over 100+ festivals and venues from Canada to Mexico to Middle East to the United States. We continue to bring the best artists in many genres including electronic, rock, hip-hop, and country.

We are also proud to have handled the talent and hospitality for many of Canada’s top music festivals such as Ever After Music Festival, PurpleFest (the first ever on campus festival in Canada), and Summer of Sound.

Contact us to have us help program talent for your venue, event, or festival, and watch as we use our expertise to assist in any entertainment or hospitality related endeavors you may have.

Talent Buying

Through volume-buying, we have the relationships necessary to land your event not only the best artist available, but also assist in finding the right musical fit for your festival or event. Whether you need a DJ, live act or band, comedian, or celebrity hosting – contact us today to help get started with programming so that your event can be a financial success for everyone involved.

Festival Operations and Logistics

Creating a festival from scratch can often be difficult, but our in-house team has vast experience navigating this area for your event. From site management to permitting to dealing with external vendors and stakeholders, we can handle your Festival operations from A to Z and ensure a turnkey logistical success. Our track record speaks for itself.

Nightlife Marketing

We have extensive experience developing strategic marketing initiatives for both festivals and venues, having helmed the marketing departments for events up to 30,000 attendees. Our team has a proven record of driving cost-per-click rates down, creating viral social media campaigns, working with external PR firms, launching and monitoring strong radio and street team efforts, and developing strong and lasting brands, resulting in a more effective use of advertising money and a stronger engagement with the event, brand, or series.

Artist Relations

We employ a dedicated team that can handle all artist relation needs for your event ranging from Artist hospitality, driver and vehicle sourcing, and backstage management to show advancing, immigration, and relationship management. Our in-house team will ensure that your Artists always leave your event happy and ready to return for future engagements.

Sponsorship and Vendor Sourcing

Using our vast rolodex of relationships with brands and companies, we can easily source and provide partnerships for your event. We have matched vendors and sponsors to both large and small scale events in a multitude of different industries.